Dry cleaning with Car Diagnose is the only cleaning that your car needs

Cleaning up a car involves a lot of time and effort, with many procedures and methods used along the process. Sometimes, cleaning a car with water is not something that you want to do as expensive fabrics and materials might get damaged is your worry.

Here at Car Diagnose, we offer special Dry Cleaning package that is water-free and only uses dry methods. We can understand that water if entered in some regions can damage the part, but even with our water cleaning methods, we ensure the highest precision. Nevertheless being the best car service center in Gurgaon we provide what you need.

What does the package include?

Top quality dry cleaning service is achieved by our best in-house professionals. With years of experience, our servicemen know how to handle any car and model. Complete with high tech tools and materials the package includes but not limited to:

Why so many choose us?

Put together a car service center, a car ac repair in Gurgaon, a car dry clean Gurgaon, a car paint job centre and you have got Car Diagnose.

We handle everything that makes your car look brand new and at affordable prices. Besides that, we offer pick and drop facility, 24x7 support, timely delivery, and best services. In this competitive market, we are aiming for the top and have not failed. If you are deciding on your next car service, then Car Diagnose can help you with that.

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