Tyre Care and Maintenance

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Importance of Engine Oil
July 22, 2020
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August 17, 2020
Tyre Care and Maintenance

We men don’t compromise with the looks and maintenance of our cars and bikes. We are ready to punch people in the face even if their car was “about” to touch our car!

Despite this immense love, are you really able to take care of your cars? Whenever it comes to taking care and maintaining our cars and bikes, most of the car and bike owners relate it to maintaining shimmering outer looks or timely servicing of the car but forget to look after another crucial component of our car – tires.

City driving is pretty much challenging. Thus, here are some tips, tricks, and life hacks for taking the right care of the tires of your cars and bikes.

Has the time come to replace your tires?

Tires aren’t immortal. They not only demand proper care and maintenance but also require timely replacement for a smoother and safer drive. But how do you know when to replace a tire? Here are the indications:

  • Unstable and turbulent wet roads driving 
  • Inefficient turn handling
  • Longer breaking time
  • Excessive vibrations in the car

How to take the right care of your car’s tires?

Let’s get straight into the tips for taking proper care of the tires.

Regular tire pressure check

The correct inflation level of the car is known for making driving much better and safer. Car owners should get the tire pressure level checked after regular intervals. Getting the pressure checked after every 2-4 weeks increases the life of the tire and makes it capable of enduring tough terrains.

Under-inflation and over-inflation are the most common pressure imbalances faced by car owners but under-inflation is much more common than over-inflation due to technological advancement. Pressure imbalances in the tire may result in heat buildup, reduction in mileage, wear & tear, etc which eventually reduces the tire life.

Another thing to be kept in mind that GVW i.e. the total weight carried by the vehicle shouldn’t exceed the RLW i.e. the registered laden weight. Besides, improper weight distribution also impacts the life of the tire. 

The car service in Gurgaon is equipped with next-gen technologies eliminating the factors distorting the tire pressure reading. Even the highest quality tire goes in a vain if the correct pressure is not maintained. The best potential can be mined from a tire when it is inflated based on the load per tire.

Do you know?

An average car tire loses 1 pound PSI pressure per month.

What is the ideal time for checking the tire pressure?

The perfect time for checking the tire pressure is in the morning or the evening when the temperature is low as heat can influence the pressure level readings (the gauge will show higher readings).

Mind your speed

Whenever the driver accelerates the car excessively to reach a higher speed, it causes irreversible damage to the tires due to a great deal of friction generated as the tire comes in contact with the road.

Overspeeding is known for generating a dramatic amount of heat and as the rubber gets heated up, its stiffness reduces. Also, since rubber is a poor heat conductor, the heat generated doesn’t escape the tire, resulting in higher levels of wear and tear and eventually reducing the life of the tire.

Thus, prolonged exposure to roads at high speeds may be thrilling and adventurous but it might lead to higher wear & tear levels and weakening of your car’s tires.

Wheel Balancing

An imbalanced wheel results in higher vibrations which results in hampered car handling. Thus, the wheel balancing is a prime requisite for a smooth and comfortable drive.

Wheel balancing is achieved by counter-balancing the heavy spots on the wheel by using weights. This process is usually done before the installed while manufacturing or the time when is serviced or repaired.

Wheel alignment

Wheel alignment is standard automobile maintenance service involving adjusting of wheel angles and other suspension components according to the manufacturer specifications. This is done to reduce the tire wear & tear and ensure that the travel is straight.

When does your car need a wheel alignment?

You should take your car to a service center and get your wheels alignment checked if you are facing the following problems:

  • Unaligned car movement (car going left or right)
  • Tires wearing out quickly
  • Crooked steering wheel
  • Squealing wheels 

The car workshop in Gurgaon is known for modern technologies, providing accurate wheel balancing and alignment to thousands of car owners.    

Wheel Rotation

Wheel rotation is a general car maintenance service for ensuring uniform tire treads wear and providing the tires an optimum tire life. The service center rotates the tire to achieve an even tire tread wear which helps to enhance the tire life.

It is always recommended to get the tires aligned and balanced before getting a wheel rotation.    

General tips for tire maintenance

Here are some general tips for giving your tire a longer life

Things to avoid

  • Speeding over potholes, stony areas, etc
  • Drifts, burnouts, etc
  • Speedy start and sudden stop
  • Taking high-speed turns
  • Driving with improperly inflated (or deflated) tires

Things to do

  • Routinely tire pressure check
  • Checking tires when they are cold
  • Timely wheel balancing and alignment
  • Avoid over-inflation, etc.

Car Repair in Gurgaon

The car mechanic in Gurgaon is equipped with world-class car servicing and related services, providing all the components of your car a better life and makes them potent of enduring toughest of terrains. Some of the services offered by the service center include wheel balancing, wheel alignment, wheel rotation, denting, painting, and much more.

To wrap up

Tires are an essential component of your car and just like engine and suspension, tires also require timely maintenance and replacement. Timely visiting the service center and getting your tires checked helps in improving the driving experience by manifolds and provides you a smooth and comfortable driving experience.

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