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May 8, 2020
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June 20, 2020
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Types of Car Diagnostic Tools – Technology has changed the entire blueprint of the world, and every sector is benefiting from this change. From the medical industry to the automobile sector, everywhere technology has impacted in a big way.

Similarly, vintage car parts had mechanical fittings, but nowadays every part is becoming digital. From speedometer to controlling the air quality in the car,

now everything is being monitored electrically.

Earlier, mechanics used to only use basic tools like screwdrivers, spanners, pliers to fix any problem in the car. But now since most of the car parts have become digital, mechanics need some knowledge of electronics, and special tools in order to fix the problem. Even to Car Diagnose tool a problem, special tools are needed.

Types of Car Diagnostic Tools

These modern digitized car parts are prone to damage. Hence, you need the right tools to detect the problem. There are many tools which are available for this kind of job:

  • Code readers and scan tools

The first tools you need to diagnose a problem in any car parts are code readers and scan tools. The code reader tools help in extracting the code from the computer system of the car. Once you have access to these codes, you can start studying them in order to begin the diagnostic process. These code readers basically allow you to read and edit the codes. If these codes are creating the problem, it can be fixed by adding new codes.

Also, these codes give you a bird’s eye view of the existing problems, and after you repaired it, the codes will show you if you have been successful in repairing the problem or not. Some code readers also provide you the access to freeze the frame data on the computer.

On the other hand, scan tools are similar to code readers but it has more functions as compared to code readers. Scan tools not only allow you to see and delete codes, but also the entire data of the care system. Using this tool, you can set up your own PIDs (Parameter IDs).

Apart from giving access to PIDS, these scan tools provide in-depth information regarding the codes. Depending on the model of the scan tool, it can either help you to understand what each and every code means or it may also assist you in providing the diagnosis for the ongoing problem. The best scan tools are those which provide adequate information that can assist in speeding up the diagnostic process.

  • No contact thermometer

The engine of the car heats up upon operation. This is completely normal and the coolant of the car keeps a check on the temperature. With the engine, other parts of the cars also get heated up to a certain temperature. If the temperature rises as per the prescribed range, then there is nothing to worry about. But due to some malfunction if the temperature of the car or other parts of the vehicle rises more than the prescribed range, then we have a major problem here.

In order to keep the rising temperature in check, you should use thermal no contact thermometers. This tool will allow you to check the temperature of the car parts which are difficult to reach. So, in order to run a temperature diagnostics test, you can turn on the engine and scan the entire car, even the bottom of the vehicle, with the thermal temperature. If you see any area where the temperature spikes up the normal range, then there must be some malfunction in that area.

  • Multimeter

Apart from thermometers, and scan readers, this is also a very vital tool that can help you to find out the problems in your car. This tool consists of a multimeter and can check every electrical system of your car to the core. Whether, you have a leaking electrical system, or the car sensors are not functioning properly, this tool will bring afloat the problem. If you have a car that has a complex electrical system and many sensors, then this device will detect any problem associated with it.

  • Pressure testing kit and Vacuum Pump

The engine of the car consists of many parts that use vacuum pressure to function. If these parts have any problems, or if there is a pressure leak, then a pressure testing kit and vacuum pumps will help you to find the malfunctioning area. Before using the kit, make sure that the car engine has turned on and the optimum temperature is achieved. This will help in getting a more accurate reading.

  • Circuit Tester Light

A circuit light is similar to that of a multimeter but it is more binary. It is a simple tool that helps to detect faults in the circuit system. All you need to do is connect the light to the circuit system, and if it lights up then the circuit is fine. On the other hand, if the light does not light up then there is a fault in the circuit. This tool is a mechanic’s favorite due to its simplistic nature.

  • Fuel pressure gauge

Is your car not responding the way it used to in the past. Is the acceleration of the car not up to the mark? If this is the issue, then there might be a problem with the fuel system. A fuel system may have leaks and debris deposited over the years of usage which has led to this issue. A fuel pressure gauge will be able to site out if the appropriate amount of fuel is entering the engine or not.

  • Mechanic’s stethoscope

We have often complained that our car makes weird sounds when we are driving it. But when we take it to the mechanic, the sound miracle disappears. This type of problem is very common, and it is difficult to find out the exact reason behind this issue. To solve it, a mechanic’s stethoscope is used to point out any loose parts inside a car. Types of Car Diagnostic Tools

Here are the top 7 tools which can be used for diagnosis. You can buy it to check your car and if you find any problem, it is best to take it to a mechanic rather than trying to fix it yourself.

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