How to save petrol and diesel while driving?

Car checklist before road trip
Car checklist before road trip
September 24, 2020
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September 21, 2021
How to save petrol and diesel while driving?

How to save petrol and diesel while driving

Fuel Saving Tips

How to save petrol and diesel while driving:- It is extremely important nowadays to save fuel as it is not only costly but damaging the environment. So, here are 10 mentioned protocols that you must follow to save your vehicle’s petrol or diesel:

1. Make sure to reduce excess weight:How to save petrol and diesel while driving

The amount of fuel consumption can be reduced by removing the excess weight from the car. This can be achieved by getting rid of the roof rack if the driver is not using it and disposing of any rubbish present in the car. Things like football, toys, camping material and so on can be handy but they cost fuel to transport from one place to another. The trick here is to make sure that you are making small changes in your day to day routine to save petrol and diesel. The first step you can do is with a boot clear-out. Car cleaning services in Gurgaon can help you with the same.

2. Reduce drag:How to save petrol and diesel while driving

It is screeching hot weather and your car feels like it is reaching  boiling temperature. Will you roll down your windows or turn on your car’s air conditioner? A fun fact is that both these methods can be wrong to achieve the desired temperature in your car, depending on the speed in which you are driving. The reason behind this is that air conditioner costs fuel but at the same time, if you are rolling down your windows it will produce drag which uses up your fuel as well. Also, make sure you get the best car AC repair in Gurgaon before travelling long distances.

Further, the solution to such cases is to lower down your speed and roll down your windows. Now, the fuel which is being used to compensate for the drag will be less than the fuel used if you chose to open your car’s air conditioner. This does not apply when you are driving on the motorway though. When driving on the motorway it is recommended to turn on the climate control. This is because the fuel used to compensate for the drag is more than the fuel required when the air conditioner is on. Remember that the tipping point here is around 30mph.

3. Inflate your tyres to the correct pressure:How to save petrol and diesel while driving

Make sure your tyres are the right pressure to conserve your fuel economy. The surface area of the tyre that is in contact with the road increases when the tyre is under-inflated. The more surface area gets in contact with the road, the more the drag on the wheel will increase. Research has found out that a tyre which is just 10 PSI under the recommended level can increase the fuel consumption of any car by at least 2.5%. Car rubbing and polishing services in Gurgaon also provide services for checking your tyre pressure.

4. Only fill your tank with the amount of fuel you need:How to save petrol and diesel while driving

It is annoying to regularly fill up your tank but it helps you get more money for the same miles. Only filling up your tank with what you need means that the fuel you already have will help you go slightly further. If you want to make it easier for yourself to judge the current amount of fuel that you need to travel to reach a particular destination then start keeping a notebook in the glove box of your car. In that notebook write down the amount of fuel you filled up your tank with to reach from A to B. Note this number in litres, not in rupees, as the price for the fuel is always changing. Some fuel tanks can get filled up till 110 litres, so that is a significant amount of extra weight your motor vehicle will carry around for no reason if you need to travel a short distance only. You wouldn’t like to keep 110 litres of bottled water in your bag, would you? The same logic goes for your car.

5. Plan your trip:How to save petrol and diesel while drivingHow to save petrol and diesel while driving

Before starting any journey make sure you plan it entirely, by setting a plan regarding when you will need to refuel your tank and where you will go to do so. This will help you avoid running out of fuel that can sometimes result in panic buying at some expensive stations.

6. Only fill your tank with your vehicle’s recommenced fuel type:

Super fuel is also known as premium fuel. It is petrol with a higher octane rating. Standard octane rating in most fuels is 95. Whereas in super fuels this rating is 98. This makes the engine run more efficiently thereby improving performance. Super fuels may work for some cars but manufacturers test their vehicles for the ideal fuel type that should be used. So, if the manufacturer recommends using normal fuel or any other fuel with not so high octane rating then you should use that.

7. Go easy on the accelerator:How to save petrol and diesel while driving

The driving style of the driver as a big impact on the amount of diesel or petrol being used by the vehicle. The best way to optimise your driving is to keep your driving smooth, gentle acceleration and using the highest gear will use less fuel for the same distance. Ease up the accelerate early on if you get a red light. This is known as “eco-safe driving”. It will help you use less fuel and at the same time is beneficial for the environment.

8. Use the engine stop and start:How to save petrol and diesel while driving

An innovative alternative in modern cars is using the engines stop ad start. If you are keeping your foot on the clutch while you are stuck at a traffic light, it will make your engine keep burning the fuel. However, if you take it off when the car is neutral, it will help you save your fuel and money.

9. Don’t coast downhill:How to save petrol and diesel while driving

People tend to think that if you are coasting downhill i.e without gear then it won’t burn your fuel and cost you extra money. Even though it’s true but nowadays it won’t save your fuel. This is because when you take your foot off the accelerator in modern cars the fuel supply from the injector is hampered, so nothing is remaining to gain. Also, coasting is not very safe as it leads to losing control of the vehicle

10. Get to know how much you spend on fuel every month:

It is necessary to know how much you are spending on fuel every month. Knowing how much your car is costing you can help you save some money from your bills.

Before planning a long trip, make sure you get a car dry clean Gurgaon as well as a car wash service in Gurgaon. and also follow these 10 mentioned protocols while driving to save your money, as well as optimize your fuel usage.

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