Car checklist before road trip

Basic Car Repair Knowledge
Basic Car Repair Knowledge
August 18, 2020
How to save petrol and diesel while driving?
How to save petrol and diesel while driving?
September 24, 2020
Car checklist before road trip

Car checklist before road trip:- Going on a road trip in 2020 is going to be a little bit complicated because of the coronavirus pandemic. The crowded activities like concerts, sporting events, and all are already off the list. The only way to still have fun is a road trip. Roads are full of vehicles and people who are trying to escape from all the mess to find peace and solitude in nature. Road trips have not lessened at all, and according to the data released by Apple maps recently, the number of people requesting for routes is almost equal as the pre-COVID times.

People are heading to the mountains, lakes, beaches, etc. to get out of the house and still have minimal contact with humans. You must be prepared for the upcoming road trip beforehand because road trips are safe now. To make sure that your car does not break down when you are hundreds of miles away from the city, you should prepare a checklist or follow a list to ensure no disruptions in your vacation. You should clean your car by hiring professional services nearby like, you live in Gurgaon, you can avail of a car wash in Gurgaon.

There are several simple steps that you should follow before you go for a road trip to protect your vehicle, your trip, and your loved ones.

The first tip is to give the responsibility of planning a trip to a more trustworthy and efficient person so that your sole focus will be on your vehicle.

Car checklist before road trip

Get suitable oil for your car

If you want to keep your car, all new and shiny, do not forget to get it serviced. Many service centers provide car rubbing and polishing Gurgaon if you are looking for one in Gurgaon.

Check the battery date- Car checklist before road trip

If you do not want to get held up by a dead battery in the middle of the trip, do not forget to check your battery date before leaving for the trip. Especially if you are planning a trip in the summer, do check your battery as car batteries are more likely to die in the heat of the summer. 

Clean your car thoroughly inside outCar checklist before road trip

You can also take some professional help and get your car washed. You must have any garage or washer nearby. Many garages offer car cleaning services in Gurgaon.

Do not put luggage over the car.

It creates air friction and slows you down, and also use more gas.

Keep changing air purifiers- Car checklist before road trip

Changing air purifier is necessary because it prevents bad odour from vents. The dirty filters prevent fresh air from getting to your engine and the interior of your car, which harms your engine, fuel economy, and your sinuses. Engine air filters are easily replaceable. Try to use the washable and reusable purifiers as they provide better filtration and good for the long run.

Always keep Paper maps-

It is not good to be too dependent on technology. Google maps are fine, but if your cell phone got dead or there is no network zone, it will be almost impossible to navigate then. So always keep paper maps with you.

Check the working of the air conditionerCar checklist before road trip

If you are stuck with ac problem in Gurgaon, you can look up on search engine best car ac repair in Gurgaon, the best car ac repairing in Gurgaon, and can get it done.

Check brake pads-Car checklist before road trip

Brake pads provide the friction slow and stop your car. But they erode with the use and, after a while, become too thin to function properly. When the pads wore out, they start making a noise of squealing and screeching.

Few small tips which are helpfulCar checklist before road trip

1. Keep an extra set of car belts.

2. Remember to keep a small garbage bag.

3. Keep a spare tire and check its condition.

4. Keep a fire extinguisher along with you for any unfortunate situation.

5. Keep a protective sheet to cover headlights and front of the car later to prevent any damage.

6. Ensure to keep the tire iron and jack in the car.

7. Always have a spare key of the car in your wallet.

8. Use of radiator coolant- Radiators prevent the overheating of your engine by cooling it, so it becomes necessary to make sure that it does not run out of coolant.

9. Use of radiator coolant- Radiators prevent the overheating of your engine by cooling it, so it becomes necessary to make sure that it does not run out of coolant.

10. Keep towels for cleaning dirty windshield etc.

11. Purchase sun protectors to fix inside windows and front windshield to escape from the sun.

12. Keep your phone charger, USB cables, aux cables, etc.

13. Make sure to keep your vehicle documents (driving license, vehicle insurance papers, vehicle registration paper) with you.

14. Keep your sunglasses and hats.

15. Make sure to keep a handy manual of your car.

16. Do not forget to bring a water bottle or water cooler whichever suits you.

17. Also, do not forget to check if the vehicle has dried or not. It is not easy to dry the car by own, I would recommend you to take professional help. In the garage, they have machines to dry clean the vehicles. To find such a service, you can look for, for instance, a car dry clean Gurgaon, and a list of the garages will pop up.

Besides this, you should also have a survival kit consisting of the following things- 

  • An electric charger wire
  • Screwdrivers and wrenches
  • A torch
  • A thick towing rope
  • Pilers
  • Hammer

Now because of the Covid-19 pandemic that we are currently facing, you should keep the stuff like hand sanitizer, disposable gloves, your handy mask, and Clorox wipes.

Recognize the driving limit of your trip and set the destination according to that. If your longest drive till now is 300 km in a day, I will suggest you to not experiment with that

This was the car checklist before the road trip, which you should keep in mind to have a relaxing and smooth journey.

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